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At SIM Central Florida we firmly believe in giving back – to our community, to students and to our various fields of industry.

Over the past ten years, SIM Central Florida has reflected our commitment to give back by donating $250,000 in a variety of ways:

  • STEM-related scholarships awarded to regional college and university students
  • STEM-related grants and gifts to local K-12 and post-secondary institutions
  • Providing vital programming and technology assistance to local elementary, middle school and high school teachers and students
  • Promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • Tuition scholarships to SIM’s renowned RLF (Regional Leadership Forum) programs
  • And more!
Make A Charitable Donation to Our 501c3

Now Accepting Applications for the 2022 “SIM CFL Molly Mahoney Leadership Scholarship” 

A scholarship toward the cost of the 2022 Southeast RLF program

CLICK HERE for 2022 Scholarship Application


Former SIM CFL president Molly Mahoney is a highly respected leader, a longtime RLF facilitator, an RLF graduate and a fervent RLF advocate.  In recognition of Molly’s many outstanding leadership contributions to SIM Central Florida, to RLF and to the national SIM organization, SIM Central Florida will offer a $3,100 scholarship in Molly’s name to be awarded to an individual associated with SIM CFL to attend the SE RLF program next year.

To Learn more about RLF click HERE 


In support of STEM education, SIM Central Florida is partnering with Kolter Solutions to stock the food pantry at Silver Pines Academy in Orlando.

The list of non-perishable items the school is seeking includes:

  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant
  • Nonperishable foods/snacks: Soups, canned goods, cereals, peanut butter, chips, etc

1. Drop-off donations:

Now through November 4th, Kolter Solutions’ office will be accepting drop-off donations on behalf of Silver Pines Academy. Donations can be delivered to Kolter’s office at 175 Middle Street, Suite 1201, Lake Mary, FL 32746 between 8:30am-4:00 pm, Tuesday-Thursday now until November 4th.

2. Donate via Amazon shipping:

To make it easy to donate, use the Amazon link below to purchase items and have them shipped to Kolter Solutions, 175 Middle Street, Suite 1201, Lake Mary, FL.

Click Here

SIM Central Florida Philanthropy Application and Process

SIM Central Florida Chapter funds are awarded through a proposal process with evaluation by the SIM Central Florida Chapter Philanthropy Committee. All SIM Central Florida Chapter philanthropy candidates must be registered as a 501(c)3 and submit a proposal for consideration by contacting Srini Calambakkam, Philanthropy Chair. The SIM Central FL Chapter Philanthropy Committee will evaluate proposals against the Chapter’s defined metrics to award charitable donations.

Each Submittal should be no more than 3 pages and must include:
  • Full legal name of proposing entity and legal status with attached documentation 
  • Name of SIM Central Florida Chapter member who is sponsoring/recommending (if any)
  • Contact name(s), address(es) and phone number(s) for proposing entity
  • Executive brief – a proposal summary including the funding amount requested
  • An explanation of how the funded project and/or the entity’s mission matches the SIM Central Florida Chapter’s outreach mission
  • A detailed description of the project and exactly how the money will be used
  • The number of individuals who will benefit
  • An explanation of how, and how many, SIM Central Florida Chapter members (if any) will have the opportunity to engage in the proposed project
  • The desired outcome
  • Follow-up plans and commitment to reporting results back to SIM Central Florida Chapter
  • Any PR or media plans related to the funding proposal that will provide potential future benefit to the proposing entity and the SIM Central Florida Chapter

Deadline: All annual funding proposals should be submitted to the SIM Central Florida Chapter no later than October 28 each year. SIM Central Florida Chapter will fund proposals for the subsequent 12 months (Jan – Dec of the upcoming year).

Should you have additional questions regarding the SIM Central FL Chapter Philanthropy Program, or the proposal process, please contact Srini Calambakkam, Philanthropy Chair, for further direction.

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