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Application for the 2024 “SIM CFL Molly Mahoney Leadership Scholarship”
A scholarship toward the cost of the 2024 Southeast RLF program

Former SIM CFL president Molly Mahoney is a highly respected leader, a longtime RLF facilitator, an RLF graduate and a fervent RLF advocate. In recognition of Molly’s many outstanding leadership contributions to SIM Central Florida, to RLF and to the national SIM organization, SIM Central Florida will offer a $3,100 scholarship in Molly’s name to be awarded to an individual associated with SIM CFL to attend the SE RLF program next year.

RLF and leadership development – top priorities for Molly Mahoney and SIM
  • RLF is a renowned signature offering of the SIM Leadership Institute, with 5,000+ graduates having completed this powerful, intensive leadership program since its inception in 1993.
  • Molly was a longtime RLF Facilitator and has always been a strong advocate for continuous lifelong leadership development.
  • Because Molly has mentored, coached, and improved the leadership capabilities of hundreds of women and men both during and after their Southeast RLF experience, SIM Central Florida is honored to offer this $3,100 scholarship in Molly’s name toward the 2024 SE RLF program for a SIM CFL stakeholder to benefit from the life-enriching RLF journey – just as Molly has.
The 2024 “SIM CFL Molly Mahoney Leadership Scholarship"
  • In December 2023, SIM Central Florida will award a $3,100 scholarship for an individual associated with SIM Central Florida to attend the 2024 SE RLF program. (This $3,100 will cover approximately one-half of the $6,100 cost of the 2024 SE RLF program.)

  • Candidates interested in utilizing this 2024 Scholarship must complete the information on this application. Applications will then be submitted for consideration care of Srini Calambakkam, chair of the SIM CFL Philanthropy Committee. If you have any questions about the scholarship or the process, please reach out to Srini at
  • The SIM CFL Philanthropy Committee will evaluate all applications against our defined metrics to award RLF scholarships. The deadline for entry is October 31, 2023.
Criteria for SIM Central Florida’s RLF Scholarship
  • Applicant must be an active SIM CFL member in good standing or belong to a company that is an active SIM CFL member in good standing.
  • Applicant should be a rising, high-potential professional.
  • Applicant is applying because their company cannot provide full funding to attend RLF.
  • Applicant agrees to participate in SIM and volunteer to support chapter activities.
  • Applicant is aware of the following: The 2024 RLF Session dates are scheduled for: April 25-26, June 6-7, July 11-12, Aug 22-23, September 26-27, October 24-25. All 2024 sessions will be held in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.
What the Scholarship Covers

The $3,100 SIM Central Florida scholarship will apply toward the program fee cost for the 2024 Southeast RLF. (RLF registration cost associated with the SIM Central Florida chapter scholarship is the non-profit rate of $7,100 less a SIM member discount of $500 and an additional “early bird” discount of $500; for a total program fee cost of $6,100.)

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