We believe that business innovation, operations and technology are inseparable.

Our Vision

Where business and technology leaders connect.

Our Mission

Sharing, inspiring and innovating while advancing knowledge, entrepreneurialism

and best practices for the benefit of our community.

Our Executive Board

From left: Norbort Cointepoix, Craig Loftin, Carrie Smith, Larry Di Gioia, Suzie DeBusk, John Prescott, Susan Howells, David Day and Molly Mahoney. Not pictured: Michael Garlich, Joel Schwalbe, Ty Taft and Mark Traynor.

  • President … Craig Loftin
  • Vice President … David Day
  • Secretary … Carrie Smith
  • Treasurer … Norbert Cointepoix
  • Programs Chair … Suzie DeBusk
  • Director … Lawrence Di Gioia
  • Director … Michael Garlich
  • Director … Susan Howells
  • Director … John Prescott
  • Director … Joel Schwalbe
  • Director … Ty Taft
  • Director … Mark Traynor
  • Past President … Molly Mahoney